Welcome! We are Cornell’s nordic (cross country) ski team. We welcome members from every skill level- whether you’re a complete beginner or have been racing at the highest level, you can either find or create the atmosphere that you’re looking for with the ski team. To find out a little more concerning what we’re about, come to a practice and meet us!

Training session are held on weekdays at 5 pm. We do dry land training all fall, comprised of roller skiing, running, and strength workouts (as well as frisbee on Fridays!).  We meet at the ski room, which is in Schoelkopf Stadium.  The easiest way to find the ski room is to go to the  center of the east side of Schoelkopf Stadium, then go inside and look around.  If you’re there when other skiers are around it should be pretty easy to find.  Here’s a map:  http://goo.gl/maps/VNbUo .

If you’re new to the team, make sure you’re on the ski team list-serve, as that’s how most announcements will be made.  To join, send an email to  nordic-l-request@cornell.edu.  The subject of the email should be “join” and the body of the email should be left blank.  See the CIT page for more information: http://www.it.cornell.edu/services/elist/howto/user/join.cfm


Recent News (updated end of season 2014):

Coming off of a VICTORY at Regionals, the Cornell Men’s team CRUSHED EVERYONE in the 15k Classic at Nationals! (Banderson, 3rd, Zanderson, 4th, Adam, 10th) We suck at sprinting, but we sure can ski far! Woo!