During the Fall semester we train as a team Monday – Friday at 5 pm  (we move this to 4:30 later in the semester when it starts getting dark earlier).  Training consists of a combination of running, strength training, rollerskiing, and ultimate frisbee.  All training is optional, but recommended. These practices start at the ski room unless otherwise stated in weekly practice update emails (join the listserve or email The ski room is in Schoelkopf Stadium. It is a door under the EF section of bleachers on the east side of the stadium. If you come shortly before a practice, other skiers will be around and it’ll be easy to find. Here’s a map to Schoelkopf:

We start actually skiing on snow at the end of winter break with Ski Camp, a week-long team trip to Quebec.  This is the opportunity for new skiers to learn to ski and experienced skiers to get in a good training base in high-quality conditions. During the semester we organize on-snow training as schedules and weather permit at a local ski area and often continue dryland training as well. The first 5 weekends of Spring Semester, we attend races in New York and Vermont (check out the Results page to see last year’s race details).

If you’re looking for somewhere cool to rollerski around Ithaca, check out this map. If you’d like to add to the map, contact one of the captains.

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  1. Nipster says:

    This page needs to be more intimidating! Talk about the Tour of Ithaca and track workouts! We always do tack workouts… …

  2. Sdizzle says:

    SEE. Some people do look at the website. (if only once) And hell yeah, hills all day everyday!